Price List

 Note: The prices mentioned here may differ depending on the condition of the Item and is updated on a monthly basis based on the market price. The prices may be comparitively less to that offered by the local kabadiwallahs as they adjust the weights (upto 40-70%) to compensate for the higher price.
We also collect items of no/low value to ensure that the dry items that are recyclable don’t end up in landfills. Please show your support for this special initiative of ours by donating your trash for free.
We have also tied up with some NGOs to ensure items that are in good condition reaches the ones in need of them. Instead of sending such items into landfills, donate it to us so that it is put to reuse. Used clothes/ shoes in good condition, toys, books, notebooks, used banners will be accepted for the cause.
Waste Category Item Name Price (Per Kg)
Books (Old) 2.00
Books (New) 4.00
Cardboard Box (Brown) 6.00
Cardboard Box (Non-brown) 2.00
Thin packaging Box Free
Magazines (English / Tamil) 4.00
English Newspaper 6.00
School Book / Note/ Exam papers 6.00
Tamil & English Mixed Newspaper 5.00
Tamil Newspaper 5.00
White Paper (Xerox/ printout) 6.00
Note/book Cover, Calendar cover, Egg Cartons Free
Colour Paper/ Pamphlets / Mixed Paper 2.00
Cinema Posters (Used/ Unused) 2.00
Paper tablecloths from weddings/ parties 2.00
Aluminium (Cans/ Foils/ Food boxes) 20.00
Heavy Aluminium items 40.00
Brass 175.00
Copper 200.00
Ever Silver/ Stainless steel 10.00
Iron 8.00
Tin (Paintbox, food storage boxes) 3.00



PET Bottles 6.00
Milk Cover 4.00
HDPE/ LDPE Plastics (Broken chair, Buckets) 7.00
Shiny Plastic cover (Chips/ Biscuit/ Chocolate wafers) Free
Water / Oil/ Polythene Cover 2.00
Use and throw Plastic cups 6.00
Low-Value Plastics (Polystyrene, Polypropylene) 3.00
Black Plastic 10.00
Mixed Plastic 4.00



Transparent / Coloured bottles (Large) 0.50 / bottle
Transparent / Coloured bottles (Small) 1.00 / 5 bottles
Ketchup/ Jam-bottles 1.00 / 5 bottles
Others Batteries 10.00
E-waste 10.00
Incandescent / Compact Fluorescent Lamps Free
Tetra paks Free
Clothes* 5.00
Leather items Free
Cement Bags 6.00
Banners/ tarpaulin sheets 20.00 / banner
* – Cloth items such as sarees, dhotis, shirts, pants in good condition would be bought for the mentioned price. The other cloth items don’t have much value and thus will be accepted for free.